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WinPicks Software Tips

  • To get the most out of our software please read the reference manual as WinPicks has been highly refined through the years and takes a comprehensive approach to handicapping.


  • Use the consensus picks both straight up and ATS and try to identify match-ups where most of your formulas are favoring one side or the other. Research any injuries to key players or any other factors that may be affecting the lines. 

  • Compare the  results of your analysis above to every formula you have. If the recommendation is still lopsided that is a confirmation of the play.  

  • Use the platinum picks but tread lightly when the sample size is low for Head to Head games.

  • Use different databases for your consensus formulas (short, medium, long). For example, don't have all your formulas use the 3 game rolling average database.

  • Tune your formulas often but be careful not to let the tuner only picks games for a narrow range (upper and lower betting limits). It is better to let the formulas pick a high number of recent games versus a low number of games 20 years ago.

  • Make use of the "Formula Warehouse".  We are always uploading current formulas from different databases. You don't have to start from scratch!

  • Don't just rely just on one formula.

  • Use proper money management (don't bet more than 5% of your bankroll on any given play).

  • Don't bet on high volume of games as the odds-makers are not going to get it wrong that often. Depending on the sport try to restrict your wagers to a handful of game each week. Don't bet on a game because it is occurring when you can watch it on TV.

  • Try to understand what WinPicks is telling you in statistical terms. Does it makes sense? Don't just follow numbers blindly.

  • Sport betting is a grind and to be successful requires high amount self discipline. Be patient!

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