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WinPicks 2021 Pro Basketball Analyst

  • Still searching for good NBA handicapping software? Well, your search is finally over! WinPicks is a comprehensive and powerful NBA handicapper that makes beating the spread as easy as converting a four-on-one fast break. WinPicks provides more information to NBA fans and handicappers than any other source. It tracks every NBA team from their first game through the finals.


    WinPicks, the Pro Basketball Analyst provides you with information that the average gambler simply doesn't have. Its database is jam packed with more NBA information than you can get from any other source. It tracks every NBA team from their first game through the playoffs. It picks the winners and lets you analyze each game from dozens of different angles. You'll get the schedule from the current year, plus all the schedules, scores, point spreads, and totals from the 1990-91 NBA season to the present.


    During the season, database updates are fast, easy, automatic, and FREE. After connecting to the Internet, just click on the WinPicks toolbar to instantly get the latest files. If you forget to update the database, WinPicks will remind you.


    Once you become accustomed to using WinPicks, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. It adds an extra dimension to your handcapping that no sports service can match, and pays for itself in no time.


    Powerful Trends Engine

    Every handicapper knows that the trend is their friend. Need information about a specific team? Just ask WinPicks to analyze the team's performance. You can go back just a few games or all the way back to the 1990-91 NBA season! You'll see how the team has fared in a variety of situations, including home and away games, conference and non-conference games, games after a win or loss, playoff games, or games against any selected opponent. You can also analyze a team's performance against the point spread. Want to know how Miami has done against the spread as a home underdog? As a road favorite? Against good teams and bad teams? After winning by 7 or more points? After 3 consecutive losses? After 5 consecutive victories? If you can think of an angle, ANY ANGLE, WinPicks can check it out for you. No other product gives you the answers faster or easier than WinPicks. You can also use the powerful Situation Analysis feature to instantly see all of the trends that could influence a specific game.

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